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Humor: Cat Loaf.

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Humor: Cat Loaf.

"Cat Loaf": A sitting position sometimes common to most all cats, where they tuck all four paws under their body, making them resemble a loaf of bread. See:

Also see:

View from underneath:

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In Japan we also have actual loaves of bread shaped like cats!

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That is so creative! And the cinnamon swirl is beautiful.

I wonder how this cat loaf is made?

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Cute.  🐱

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You never fail to impress, inform, or simply put a smile on our faces, Dave!  I will bookmark these molds for some future date.  Thanks!

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RossoCorsa458 (not verified)
  • If the form had bigger ears, it would be closer to our three Cornish Rex cats… Ears a plenty! Here’s one of our girls chilling in a warm blanket.



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Mini Oven

i would stand on end and braid or twist a tail on top.     More humor....

Ad just popped up on my screen (a circular saw.)  I didn't think my crusy loaves were that crusty!

(Can I order the model?)

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Mini Oven

.of various sizes (to create an off center) in a tall round pan might bake out looking like a pumpkin.  I would love a maple leaf mold like that cat mold.  🍁