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Grain to buy

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Grain to buy

I know this guy, see...

Well, actually, it's a little more convoluted than that.  My BIL knows a guy who used to teach prepping courses and sell prepping supplies.  The guy is getting up in years and has decided to get out of the business and sell off his remaining stock.  My BIL took me along to look at what's available and I wound up buying some of the stuff.  Between the two of us, we bought 200 pounds of wheat berries, 50 pounds of long grain rice, 50 pounds of oat groats, and 100 pounds of navy beans.  My BIL also bought a hand-cranked Country Living Grain mill that the guy sold at his cost (I think it was around $425 but won't swear to that).

I know that the guy still has some wheat, oats, and beans remaining.  And a couple of the mills, too.  Wheat was 50 cents/pound and the rice, beans, and oats were each $1/pound.  I didn't see any rye, barley, or other grains.  There were a couple of sealed buckets that rattled in an interesting way but they weren't labeled, so I don't know if they contained corn, popcorn, or beans.

If any of you are close enough to want to pick up what you buy here at my place in Fife Lake, MI, I could buy from him and resell to you (he's a bit skittish about having people he doesn't know find out where he lives).  I'd tack on a 10 cent/pound surcharge just to cover my gas cost and time.  If you are interested, PM me.

Full disclosure: I don't know the age of the products he has on hand, and his storage conditions aren't ideal.  I've opened the oats, which were packed in a sealed paper bag, and they seem fine.  I haven't opened the wheat yet but it is sealed in double heavy plastic bags.  The beans were packed in a woven bag that looked like a white, plastic, burlap material (polypropylene?) and they are fine.  The rice was packed in a bag much like the beans but it has an off odor and we found a couple of bugs in the top few inches, so I can't recommend it even if he has more.  The prices on everything were low enough that I'm still money ahead compared to shopping elsewhere, so I'm not going to complain.