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Royal Chakki Atta sourdough sandwich bread

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Royal Chakki Atta sourdough sandwich bread

This is a sourdough bread made with chakki atta whole wheat flour from costco. What a nice tasting delicious bread 😋

I used my standard grandma style procedure 🙂



2 cups rye flour 

2 tablespoons rye starter from the fridge 

Enough lukewarm water to made a relatively stiff ball of dough 

Let ferment overnight,  until you are ready to make dough 


Next day:

All preferment minus a small ball of it (goes back to the starter jar)

4 cups atta flour 

1 tbsp of salt

Enough water to make a very soft dough 


This dough will behave like it doesn't have any gluten structure in it, but that's ok. Mix by hand until everything is moistened. Try to form a nice smooth ball of dough, I used a silicone spatula for that. 

I put the bowl outside in the shade for bulk proof, it was 79°F, so it went really fast, 75 minutes or so.

Then I plopped the dough in romertopf lined with parchment (this is a sloppy task, as the dough is extremely soft and sticky) 

I only allowed a short (30 min) final proof and then backed in my bbq grill. I started from cold, set the 4 burners on low, let it go for 30 minutes then opened the lid to check how is it going. Turned the heat up a little, let it bake 20 more minutes,  turned the 2 burners directly under the pot off, uncovered the lid and let bake 15 more minutes or so. 

Anyway, when baking on the grill, you have to figure it out yourself and observe your bread very closely. It's easy to burn things!



I really like the mild, lightly sweet taste of this bread 😋😋😋


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Another Girl

I look forward to seeing your bakes posted, there's always something beautiful and comforting-looking in store. I'm so envious of your casual approach to baking. It really does bring my grandma to mind 😊. 


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My late grandma used to bake bread every week for her large family, 7 big loaves, one for each day of the week. I asked her for a recipe and she just laughed.  She said "it's just flour, water, salt and a chunk of the old dough, you don't need a recipe for that, what could be simpler?" 🙂 


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So wonderful Marta, I never knew my grandmother's but wish I did if either of them could bake like this.