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Gozney Dome

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Gozney Dome

Hello fellow fresh-loafers. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I am moving to a new home where I will have space for an outdoor oven that I don't have now, and am looking for something that can do both bread and pizza. The Gozney Dome seems like it will fit the bill, and is attractive to boot. There is a lot of discussion of the pizza making ability of this oven, but not much about the bread baking. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts with this oven? 


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Oh, I also meant to say that I like the idea of a gas option. Wood fired is fun when you have a lot of time and want to tinker, but gas is undoubtably more convenient. 

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I am a little late to the game but if you have not pulled the trigger on an oven yet.


I have a Gozney dome. I have the dual fuel version. I really love the oven and it is great for pizza and many other things. I just started baking bread so have not used the dome much for that function. Using gas for bread is sort of a challenge. You have to heat the oven very hot then turn it off and using the door cook with residual heat. The temp with the gas flame at its lowest setting with a door on will be in excess off 500f. 

I have not tried with wood but the best results I have seen from others are all loaves cooked with wood.

Also, the opening is not very high so you can't do big loaves.


Hope that helps if you are still looking for any input.

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The Bread Stone...

Have you looked into the Bread Stone Ovens company? Their ovens are actually made specifically for bread baking but can make a mean pizza and lots of other things too! Here is their blog

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Do you have experience with both though?