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Putting Out The Feelers For A Gluten Free Bread Community Bake

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Putting Out The Feelers For A Gluten Free Bread Community Bake

I see community bakes as a good place for someone to turn to for many ideas and recipes in a single 'blog'. When someone asks for a good recipe we can point them to a particular community bake which will guide and help them find the exact recipe they're searching for. How do you all feel about a gluten free bread bake/challenge? Even if you don't have to eat gluten free it does test ones skills and there's no reason not to delve into it where it can introduce you to many lovely grains often ignored. Plus our gluten free friends can join in too and no doubt they will have a wealth of good ideas to offer. 


What say you?



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Sounds good.

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Gluten-free Gourmand

That would be awesome.

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Gluten free baking is REALLY different and offers a great opportunity to explore some very interesting grains!.I would advise that people do NOT try to make GF that looks or tastes like wheat products. Work with the attributes inherent in the GF flour that will make a delicious product at its best. It is a subtle viewpoint difference that can greatly affect the outcome.

THe world was wheat free for a LONG time before it became available on a regular basis for bakers. All kinds of skills and knowledge were used that have since been lost. All manner of flavors and textures were accepted and considered delicious. Let's explore that a bit.

I would hope that all the baking skills here that would be used would improve the lives and skills of wheat free bakers and open a door to new skills for all of us.

IMO, Bake some GF deliciousness!


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Unfortunately there simply isn't enough interest. If anyone else wishes to do this as a Community Bake then please do so. Thanks to the few of you who answered. 

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Debra Wink

Here's an interesting one. I haven't tried it but looks relatively quick and easy.

Turn RICE Into Fluffy BREAD In 1 Hour | Flour-less Blender Rice Bread - EMMYMADE

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Just took a quick look and it does look very good. Thank you for that link Debra. Troy has started a gluten free community bake. Should be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.