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Hi From Boston!

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Hi From Boston!

Hello Everyone,

So happy to be here! I came to bread making only recently and it has absolutely changed my life and helped me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I have been often coming to this website as a resource to trouble shoot some of my baking mishaps (of which there are many) and today I said “hey! Why don’t I just sign up!” 

I am a full time watercolor artist and bread making has added much inspiration and given me a new creative outlet from which to work. 

thank you to all here for all you learn and teach. 

in gratitude,



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Another Girl

Hi Sophia,

I'm not the official TFL greeter or anything, but glad to have you aboard! My husband has family in Boston and our daughter went to college in Mass, so we've spent a lot of time in your beautiful city. We love it there.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your bakes.


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Welcome to TFL Sophia.  You might find this interesting, some bakers who are artists paint on their bread!  Someone I follow on Instagram does this  Have a look at Sofnate’s loaves onto which she has painted or scored some lovely images, it might inspire you to do the same.


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Our Crumb

Neither am I an official Fresh Loaf greeter but welcome all the same.  We are N of you, on the NH Seacoast.  There have of course been other Bostonians through this site, including Varda Haimo who hasn't posted in years because she's too busy with Bread Obsession, the artisanal bakery she has been running in Lexington since fueling and honing her obsession here @ Fresh Loaf.

Watercolorist?  Have you painted Motif #1?  Surely it's required of all MA coastal artists.

Happy Baking,