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Seeded mixed pan loaves (CLAS)

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Ilya Flyamer

Seeded mixed pan loaves (CLAS)

Recently after starting to go to work every day I don't have much time to bake during the week, so we completely ran out of bread by the weekend, and I wanted to quickly bake some nice bread. So I turned to CLAS in combination with IDY.

Made two seeded breads in my small bread pans. Toasted 30 g sunflower and 50 g pumpkin seeds. Soaked 30 g crystal rye malt with boiling water, together with those toasted seeds, and also added 30 g crushed linseeds. Used together with the soaking water in the dough. I wanted to try using altus in this bread, but forgot!

For the flour, I made a mix of 500 g total, ~220g ruchmehl (high extraction wheat flour - used up leftovers), ~80 g whole rye, 100 g whole wheat and 100 g white flour. Used together with ~80 g CLAS, 11 g salt, 3.3 g IDY and enough warm water to make a very wet dough. After mixing using a hand mixer with spiral attachments and some folds about 30 min later the dough was somewhat stronger. Fermented about 1.5 hrs at 28C until looked about doubled in size. When preshaping I actually thought it could have worked as a hearth loaf, but my banetton was too small, so I just split into two small bread pans as I was planning originally, filling them about halfway. Sprinked some sesame seeds on top. Proofed at 30С until dough filled the pans. Tried slashing them, but the dough was too soft, even with a razor didn't leave a nice score. Baked with steam for 20 min, and without steam until nice colour, then also browned the sides after removing from the pans. Scores are almost not visible, the oven spring wasn't huge (I guess I proofed them just to the edge of overproofing).

The bread is very nutty and very clear seed flavour, with a soft and pleasant crumb, and thin slightly chewy crust.


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Just the kinda bread I like. Looks absolutely delicious. Lovely crumb, toasted seeds with a nice dark crust. I'd buy that. 

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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you Abe, I thought you'd like this :) I'm still fascinated by how easy it is to bake CY-leavened bread, and CLAS still brings lovely flavour.

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Looks like a lovely bake with lots of seeds...perfect!  The crumb is really nice even though you mentioned you thought it might have been close to over-proofing.  I would love to have some for toast in the morning ;-)

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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you! Lots of seeds was the goal, and I'm also very pleased with the crumb. Tender, just a little open in places, and some nice texture from the seeds and the whole malt berries. I just might toast it for breakfast now!

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It’s gotta be quite delicious with all those seeds Ilya, very nice bake.


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Ilya Flyamer

Thank you Benny, it's certainly a bread for seed lovers :)

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Another Girl

Hi, Ilya! Perfect crumb and so tall! I would trade a visible score for that crumb any day. And the seeds.... yum.