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My bread rises beautifully but as soon as it goes in the oven it drops! does anyone know why and how I can stop this please?

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We need more information about your bread to help you. Please provide a recipe and your methods. It could be that you are over proving the bread, or that it needs to be punched down and have a second rise, or it needs a cold final prove in the fridge, there could be a lack of gluten development, or there are issues in shaping....could literally be anything. If you have photos too they would also be helpful. We would love to help you make beautiful bread!


Let me give you an example of what I do. 


Starter is strong and doubles in 4 hours or less

Dough is mixed and  gluten is developed over about 3 hours. 

Moved to bulking container, marked to raise 1.5x original size. This step can take any amount of time based on weather, temperature, etc. 

Once it has reached that 1.5x the dough is turned out and shaped

Move to banneton and into the fridge for 18+ hours. 

Check dough with a poke test...if good, turn out, score and bake. 


Now I also did a commercial yeasted bread recently. 

Mix dough and kneed until it passes a windowpane test

Let rise till doubled (again time and temp and weather)

Punch down (degas) dough. Scale and shape.

Let rise till almost doubled gain. 



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If it falls in the oven, it was overproofed. The dough had weakened and the cells broke as the gas expanded inside them. Get the dough in the oven earlier. You can experiment with how much expansion to allow before baking - just make the same recipe a few times in a row until you nail it. How much expansion will work depends in the flour used, and how it was developed into dough. So, for instance, a brioche might triple before going in the oven and still keep springing, but a lean whole wheat will probably need to bake when it has not quite doubled.