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 I took the opportunity to use up some of the Italian  Rimcinta Macinata (fine ground wholemeal) and some Defiance bakers flour 50/50% along with the first of the oranges off of my tree using both the juice 10% and the peel 4% yeast @ 0.5% butter 3%  sugar 2% water 50%+ and poppy seed 2% and a handfull of sultannas to make things more interesting. Not a sweet dough and probably go nice on a cheese board with some dips. 

i did have a little play with the tops with a braid and a mini epi, OJ AND POPPY SEED LOAVES 




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Love it.

Poppy seed and orange are a match made in heaven. 

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They look great and the flavor combination is perfect 

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Derek I love how you often do these interesting braids on the tops of your loaves, they are always beautiful.  Wonderful flavor pairing as well.


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Of course in the old days loaves were marked to denote ownership especially in community ovens, so perhaps its a throwback to those days Benny,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    i do  remember back when the bakers first arrived at the bakehouse the first thing that used to occupy them was making what was termed FANCY loaves before they were required to start loading ovens etc.We used to make a lot of those loaves with twists or braids we also used to hand mold the wholemeal COBS rolled in Bran flakes. Sadly in the march to mechanisation Bakery owners dropped those types of loaves off of their offerings even though they were liked and sought after. Some employers were mistaken in thinking that the customers would just buy 2 loaves from their reduced range rather than what they actually wanted , which proved to be a good lesson on how to loose customers and finally go out of business in the end!

   In those days start times were controlled by law it was a 1.00 AM start on Mondays 2.00AM start Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday followed by a double shift commencing 8.00 PM Thursday  EVENING going through to 8.00 -9.00am Friday morning. This was to give the bakers some resemblance of weekend.               Not like today with 24/7 baking and a lot more button pushing. 

The mini Epi worked quite well, but its own weight did want to capsize the loaf a bit taking on a bit of a list but my cousing loved it as they were able to tear those crusty chunks right off as tasters.


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Another Girl

Love the flavor combination and the tender looking crumb. Nice!


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Hi AG the flavour was spot on and the fact that the oranges were from a small tree growing in a half wine barrel that my daughter didn't have room for in a property move from last year and that i had managed to get through a very hot Australian summer made that ingredient special and i feel i did the tree proud. The oranges are not huge and a little sharp but worked well in the bread, the 3 hour bulk fermentation  also contributed to a nice finish and i think Poppy seed is not used enough inside a loaf rather than just on the crust.  A random sultana in a slice is a nice bonus too!

kind regards Derek