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Bongard Soleo Opticom controls

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Bongard Soleo Opticom controls


I recently acquired a bongard soleo M3 with opticom controls and have had some difficulty finding a manual or any instructions on the oven and controls. If any one has a similar model or even better the manual, I'd appreciate your help and have a few questions on your process with it.  Thanks!




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Hello medicine.

I have the same problem. Do you have found something?


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Laurie Mercer

Hi there,I too have the Bongard Soleo EvO, and cannot figure out how to use the control panel.  The link  below just sends me to a page with a list of features, not instructional at all.  How do I time turning on the oven ?

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Moe C
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Laurie Mercer

this is a single features list page without any instructional.  unless you found more than the single page with no details?