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Newsletter for bread and book enthusiasts

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Newsletter for bread and book enthusiasts

Hi Fresh Loaf community!

I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I live in British Columbia and love making sourdough, flatbreads, bagels, English muffins, braided breads and more. I also love reading, and have combined these two passions into a newsletter: Good Book/Good Bread

Every two weeks, I recommend and review a book I loved, and then bake a delicious bread that fits with an aspect of the story. By signing up here, you'll receive the free newsletter in your inbox every Friday. 

Using the above link, you can also check out some recent issues, including: 

The Namesake + Seed-topped bagels 

Fugitive Pieces + Feta-stuffed flatbreads with Za'atar 

Bull Mountain + Sour cherry and walnut sourdough

Pure Land + Sesame Challah

If this is up your alley, I hope you enjoy the newsletter. 

Happy bread baking :)