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Bucket pizza dough

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Bucket pizza dough

1000g 00 flour (Ana Napoletana from Walmart)

680g cold water

10g salt (12g in the summer) 

1-5g dry yeast, depending on the temperature (this time I did 5g)

Day before in evening put everything except salt in a small bucket, mix into a rough dough.  Let rest 30-45min. Add salt. Stretch and fold a couple of times.  Let stand at room temp for 1 hour then move into a cold place (in my case it was a cool basement, around 14°C)

In the morning divide in 200-210g pieces, form balls, refrigerate until ready to bake


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This looks like an interesting formula and one that can be thrown together quite easily for next day baking.  Thanks for posting!

I typically use a sourdough formula but I like to let it sit in the fridge for several days before using...about 2 days seems about perfect.  But, that doesn't always work with my schedule (read that as I forget to plan ahead) so this will be a nice addition to the pizza dough options.  It looks like you got great aeration in the cornicione and it seems like the couple of S&Fs are enough to build some dough strength, which is interesting.  

Couple questions for you:

Do you let the dough balls come back up to room temp before topping and baking?  Do you typically use that day (the day after mixing) or will the dough balls hold up in the fridge for a couple days?  


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Lots depends on your temperature conditions and flour you use. This particular flour seems too hold up well for long fermentation times. It's also great for lower hydration, like 65% for example. 

I usually let the balls rise a little before baking, but that depends how I find them when I take them out from the fridge.  Sometimes they are ready to be stretched almost right from the fridge. 

It's a very forgiving and stress free formula. I tried it with a mixture of bread and all purpose flour (generic from Walmart) and it worked out fine. But Ana Napoletana creates this really nice dough that is super stretchy and seems to never tear, which is great when making pizza 

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That looks so good! Thank you for posting.

Such a simple recipe and method and such outstanding results! I shall give it a go.



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Thank you! Yes, it's very stress free and you can regulate the amount of yeast depending on the time of the year 

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I like this no fuss approach. It looks like a good pizza dough for use in a wood-fired brick oven. When we have family and friends over, I have to try and gauge how much dough to make for the day at least two days prior and freeze or refrigerate the dough. I can see that a bucket of dough portioned out like you do would be perfect. The cooked crust looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks! In the summer we bake it in our outdoor grill. I developed a method which I will share when the warm weather comes back.