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Honey Wheat Rolls

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Honey Wheat Rolls

A simple yeasted roll recipe from King Arthur with 67% whole wheat content.


I made this recipe recently when I needed a quick bake and I was really surprised at how well they turned out. A nice fluffy, soft crumb and pleasant mild wholewheat flavour.


A few recipe notes:


I used 7g IDY, mixed with the flours

Bread flour - Marriages organic strong white

White WW flour - Marriages golden wholewheat - the only white wholewheat flour you can buy in the UK

47g butter, 10g EVOO

I had a spare blood orange, so squoze this for the orange juice

I didn't have potato flour, so I used potato starch

honey reduced to 44g

made in the Kenwood with the spiral dough hook

develop gluten before adding the butter/oil until the dough leaves the bowl sides

add the softened butter bit by bit until all incorporated

scale at 100g

mist with water and sprinkle on sesame seeds prior to baking

bake with steam for 10mins, vent and bake for 7 more mins







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Sounds like the 100% ww worked very well! 

I made something quite similar this weekend. Rolls with only 20% fresh milled whole grain farrow (first for me) incorporated as a yudane (100g whole grain + 100g boiling water left overnight). I used molasses vs honey. I baked them in my new air fryer.

These were great next day sliced and toasted in the air fryer (alongside eggs in shell and sausages.... cool machine). Creamy texture and tasty :)  I think a yudane applied to whole grains really delivers. Also a yudane allowed me to crank up the hydration from the recipe's 300g to 350g.

The original recipe was 14g IDY but I slashed to 7g and used my air fryer to proof the dough quickly (heat bin up to 35c then stop, sling in the dough on parchment, wait 20 mins). Similar for proofing after shaping the rolls. Really makes a quick process.

Your citrus sounds like a nice addition! I threw lemon + orange zest into some scones and it brought them alive. I don't find that juice makes a big impact. Not sure what your experience is.

Happy baking!

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Your rolls look good; crumb is quite similar to mine. A neat multi-tasking use of the air frier!

King Arthur say the orange juice is to offset any wholegrain bitterness, but given the amount of honey and butter, it's probably optional; still, it worked for me.

When you say Farro grain, is that Emmer? Apparently when the Italians use the word Farro it can refer to spelt, emmer or einkorn, so things can get a bit confusing.


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It's probably emmer.

Fresh from the oven I thought it had a bit of a grassy taste but next day toasted, that was gone. 

And today had it as a pork sandwich with a dollop of au jus and wow, I was happy.

I think I have hard white kernels (no red on them) so I should give them a whirl and maybe crank up the % yudane.


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Hi Lance,

They look really nice and soft. Thanks for the process detail. 



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You're welcome, Gavin. I'm tempted to try it as a freeform bread. Maybe add in some stiff levain and reduce the yeast.


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Nice mostly whole wheat buns Lance.  It’s nice to have a quick bun recipe that you can put together in a pinch and it sounds like this one fit the bill perfectly.  Beautiful even crumb and nice application of the sesame seeds.


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High percentage wholewheat does seem to work best with a good dollop of butter/oil and sugar/honey.


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If you ever give a yudane or tangzhong a try with the whole wheat / grain flours I'd be interested in your comparison of using that technique vs using oil or butter. I get a real creaminess.

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Great roll!  I'm always looking for ways to 'sneak' more whole grains into the rotation around here.  I've got the KA Whole Grain Baking cookbook and they definitely push the orange juice theory in a lot of their recipes.  I've tried several and I guess it works because I don't notice any bitterness, but I get the same result (I think) with using honey.  The orange juice doesn't result in any citrus taste in the final product, in my opinion, at least in the recipes I've tried, in case anyone would question the addition.  

Looks like you got excellent crumb and spring on these...well done!  

Thanks for posting!

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The dearth of white whole wheat in stores and recipes is a mystery to me. It is more versatile than red wheat and doesn’t require the citrus fix. Although the flavor seems a little bland by itself it is a nice component when it is used like in your rolls.
To a Yank like me your buns need a cheeseburger 🍔 

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Leigh, I did wonder if the the orange juice adds a micro amount of ascorbic acid? Of course a lot of idy already has AA in it (mine doesn't, by choice).

Don,I didn't realise that white wholewheat was on the wane over the pond. Like I say, extremely hard to find in the UK. I don't think it helps that everyone other than knowledgable bakers gets white wholewheat flour mixed up with white flour, as in bread flour.