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Yesterday i baked what i will call a generosity loaf , i call it that as the flour was from the red wheat and Tim's generosity and then that was milled with the Flour mill that Margaret very generously gifted me, and i put it to good use straight away. This is the first ever loaf that i have made using 100% fresh home milled wheat and i have to say i am not disappointed. i also included red wheat sprouts that were blitzed.The bread has that wonderful dark brown that was in evidence from the bread we made at big loaf, i baked it in the Romantoph for 15 minutes lid on and then the rest of the time off. i extended the baking time and the heat. When i sliced it this morning it had the great aroma and a nice open texture, there was some evidence that it was sticking to the serrated knife and was very moist. It reminded me a bit like malt loaf in that respect, and i think that is in fact where that characteristic is coming from, i added 2% Saunders malt to the mix and the addition of the sprouted red wheat berries 20% that were sprouted earlier and had been slowed in the fridge were definately very sweet when tasted had probably converted a good deal of the starch into Malt for its growth. Taste wise the bread was excellent and it has almost a cake like mouth feel. i guess i will need to make a bog standard 100% Wholemeal without the sprouts to comfirm my thoughts. Thanks again to Tim and Margaret The fun continues.     


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What a beautiful crumb Derek.  It sounds like you’re really taking to this new wheat and your home milling of it, nicely done.


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Thanks Bennny ,   certainly lots of things to try.i think that where the sprouted wheat was allowed to progress  beyond the chitting stage it has given me more natural malt that seems to have given me a certain amount of gumminess in the crumb, if you look closely at the cut picture you might be able to see where it was clinging to the knife  a bit. i could try to counter this with younger sprouts or possibly toasting the sprouts prior to blitzing them to see if that helps. The texture is almost cake like to some degree and has a long lingering pleasant taste in the mouth.

i picked up some of the Red Spring Wheat "Beaufort " for this weeks trial bakes. What has surprised me is the ability to take a hotter oven!


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Derek, the crumb looks delicious. I very interested to see the bog standard wholemeal bake.