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Zoji PDC20 Virtuoso Plus Recipes

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Zoji PDC20 Virtuoso Plus Recipes

Hi, New Bread machine user here. Can any one recc: various milk white bread, buttery sweet white bread, rye, and sift wheat recipes ( the latter similar to Pepperidge Farms  light style, “Sioft Wheat, and “7 Grain” low calorie breads? Thanks. 

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I am new to this website, too. Here is my introduction, which explains how I got here:

We have been using those dual paddle Zojirushi bread machines for a long time. Last Fall, we got a Zojirushi BB-PDC20 "Virtuoso Plus".  (Our 20+ year old BBCC-V20 is now the "backup" bread machine.) I hope you enjoy your new bread machine as much as we have enjoyed ours. It is a tool of convenience - it eliminates the interruptions and yields consistent, decent bread for your family. Don't expect miracles, and don't let yourself be limited to the bread machine. Give your oven a try too.  ;-)

If you search this website, you will find many recipes that are suitable for your new bread machine. The Zojirushi brand seems to be very popular among those here who use bread machines. A few days ago, I posted a rye bread recipe. It is a favorite in our family:

(I will have more bread recipes to share here over time. The ones for bread machines will be well-suited to your Zojirushi, 'cause that's what I use to refine and test them these days.)

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Hi! I also have this model of bread machine and it comes with a book that has recipes for all those breads that you mention. They are delicious, milky, sweet, buttery, soft white and soft whole grain, rye breads, low calorie, etc. 

There are more recipes for this bread machine on Zojirushi website as well.