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Red Wheat continued

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Red Wheat continued

I have had another crack at the Red Wheat adjusting the yeast and also the water using part of the allocation to assist in the liquidisation of the sprouted Red Wheat. as it turned out i added 40g more water during the mix! The yeast came down to just 3g which is 0.77% of the formula and was more than adequate and the dough had a BF of 2.5 hours. i did do an Autolyse where the flour and water was brought together and then allowed to sit for 45 minutes prior to the remaining ingredients being added and the dough was mixed for 15 minutes in my Noddle dough machine. Red wheat fresh milled wholemeal flour 286g ; Millers single origin white flour 104g ; salt 8g ; Saunders liquid malt 8g ; butter 8g ; dried yeast 3g ; Red wheat sprouts liquidised 78g ; water 253g + added 40g during the mix :Bulk fermentation time 2.5 hours Bench rest 20 minutes Final proof 30minutesBaking time 15 minutes in the Romantoph lid on @ 250C 35 minutes lid off at 220C I get the impression that this dough will handle a hotter baking temperature and or a sign that the natural sugars have been consumed during fermentation. something to incorporate in my net bake of this bread. i shall take it to a small family gathering tomorrow to celebrate my 71 st birthday, hopefully get a couple of pictures of the inside then!Couldn't wait HAPPY BAKER! 


Rolled out of the Banetton into the clay baker


The baked loaf

 a picture of the interior



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Happy birthday my friend, cheers!!!

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An early Happy 71st Birthday to you Derek.  Your second loaf is beautiful and even better than the first you posted.


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This beautiful, healthy, hearty loaf will be a hit at your birthday celebration. 


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It looks great and it has been a great story to follow The Outback red wheat pursuit. Happy 71st


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The loaf looks very nice indeed. Hope you have a great day of celebration. Happy birthday.




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Thankyou friends for your kind thoughts and birthday wishes

kindest regards Derek

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I hope you enjoy your birthday!  The bread looks great and must be as tasty as it looks.

Best regards,


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Thanks Ian, im looking forward to eating more of it at lunch time with the family as we only had the two slices that i cut for the camera.

Kind regards Derek 

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I hope you've had a great birthday Derek - and enjoyed a few of those "Tawnys" ;)

I have to confess to only being a few months behind you......


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Thanks Lance  i just sent greetings to Khalid (Mebake) its his birthday today and i believe in Saudi Arabia now he has just turned 43!

i did get a nice surprise this morning,  one of the lovely ladies in our local facebook bread group has offered me her mill as its not being used i have of course jumped to and accepted her very kind offer and will endeavor to give it change its employment status. 

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A nice birthday present, Derek! I'm sure you will have fun with it.


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It will certainly be put to good use

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Looking forward to seeing your breads made with the new mill. What a great birthday present, even if it wasn't meant to be one.


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Just waiting to hear when it will be convenient to pick up. It's quite an amazing alignment of things to get to this point.and in which you played a major role.

i had an email from Farmer Tim where i asked about this years planting of red wheat and he admitted he should have got off his bum and got some in the dry ground already but definitely during April. i am hoping to be able to go down and see the action.  We are expecting some rain this week end possibly 30mm from a cyclone that formed in the North west out in the Indian ocean.