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Finally, a better 100% whole whole wheat bread without sugar or oil

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Finally, a better 100% whole whole wheat bread without sugar or oil

I buy organic whole hard red winter wheat, temper it with 2% water for 2 days, and stone grind with 3 passes through my electric mill. I add 2% fresh milled rye flour and 2% fresh milled fava bean flour. (The rye and fava flours do make a difference.)

I use a 6-liter, 4" deep plastic tub with a good lid as my dough trough.

In one end, I put 2.2% (baker's percentage) of salt in one end.

In the middle, I put my flour.

In the end away from the salt, I put sourdough starter at 20%, dry active yeast at 0.01 baker's percentage, and 0.02 baker's percentage malted barley.

I add room temp. water at 69% of the weight of the dry flour,  and stir yeast, malt, starter, and some of flour together until there is a thin slurry. The rest of the dry flour forms a dam between the yeast/leaven and the salt.  Let sit 20 minutes. Mix the rest of the flour into slurry to form a dough, picking up the salt, and knead until smooth. I find just kneading by hand to be easier than using the mixer.  

At 30 minute intervals, do 3 stretch and folds. 

Bulk ferment on kitchen counter (~ 65F) for about 18 hours. Shape into loaves, put in banneton, and do a final rise on the kitchen counter (~67F). 

I bake in an electric oven with a preheated stone at 420F. There is water in the dough, the dough hits the stone and makes steam. Period. If I am baking a BIG loaf, I will bake it at 450F and turn the oven down after 20 minutes.

This dough also can be cooked on the griddle to make very nice pita. 

I think garbanzo bean flour is as good, but now I am working my way  through a bin of fava beans, so for the next few weeks the recipe is fava bean flour. Take notice, some people are allergic to fava beans.  This is a Lent recipe, in a few weeks, the kitchen will be warmer, and I will have to cool the dough in the fridge.