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Stainless steel or chrome plated beaters for KA Pro600?

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Stainless steel or chrome plated beaters for KA Pro600?


I just bought a KA Pro600 with both the 6qt and 3qt bowl.  So far I'm quite happy with it, but for one thing - the nylon coated paddle and dough hook. I would far rather have stainless steel or even chrome plated steel, but everything I can find on the KA website says they don't offer them which I find baffling.  Does anyone know if the SS attachments they offer with their commercial models will fit the Pro600?  Failing that, are there any third party manufacturers who offer such?



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Hi there, I checked the site, and I went through some of the questions regarding that model of mixer.  Someone asked about a stainless steel dough hook, but the answer from KA was that there is none available at present.  Maybe they made it a while back, who knows?  I doubt the stainless steel hook for the 7 quart and 8 quart mixers would work (possibly too large), but you could check on the KA site by asking a question.  If you have to use the coated tools, please be careful not to bang them against the bowl.  That can cause chipping, and hand-washing is best (even though they can go in dishwashers.)  KA says that the coated tools can chip or flake if they come into contact with sharper objects in the dishwasher.  Hope you'll be able to find a SS one somewhere.



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where I purchased parts for my KA Pro600. They might be able to help you.



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The Roadside Pi...

Hello Mr. Dunross.

 Somewhere on your mixer is the customer service 1800 number for KitchenAid. They are very friendly and helpful. I have some practically new parts bowl, spiral dough hook, etc. Let me know if you have any interest, and I will snap some photos. 

Kind regards,

 Will F.

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Welcome to TFL !  I see that you just joined, so welcome aboard.

There is a burnished (I assume stainless steel) dough hook for the 6 qt model, but it is the less-desireable "C" style, not a spiral. "C" style is reported to be less efficient, and some doughs tend to "ride up" on it.  KA, or someone, used to make it, but it can be found used.

Here is one:

This is the search that I used to find it:

Various discussions of "C" style versus spiral style are buried in this search:

Good luck.

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Greetings Dunross!

I recently replaced both my KA paddle and dough hook with stainless steel counterparts (going with a spiral hook instead of the wimpy C-hook), although neither were KA parts.  However, I do not have the Pro600 model.  IMO, KA should offer these as standard since they are far superior--I used the nylon coated parts for years, always wishing I could find something better.  Well, a quick search on Amazon led me to both replacements and I am super impressed and happy with each.  The spiral hook is FAR superior...wish I had found it years ago (if it was available then).  I tried it out first and loved it so much I immediately ordered the paddle replacement too.   I'll provide some links. 

The page for the spiral hook says it works for the Pro600 (the lift bowl) but make sure to double check as this isn't the actual one I purchased for my smaller machine.  The link for the paddle is for the smaller a quick glance, it looks like the ones for the larger machines are a slightly different design (more open area at the bottom of the paddle) but maybe you can do some digging around and find something that will work for you.  They are from two different companies because the makers of the spiral hook weren't offering the paddle at the time I ordered it, but I see they have their version available now too.  I feel like I should become a paid spokesperson for these guys, LOL...I've sung the praises for these replacements on multiple threads now.  Good luck!


KA Pro600 spiral hook

Paddle replacement

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If you have access to Amazon, "Spiral Dough Hook Paddle Attachments for Kitchen Aid Lift Stand Mixer 5/6/7" will get you an aftermarket spiral stainless steel hook.  I have the one for the 4.5 quart KA and it's fine.

I am also FWIW happy with the nylon-coated KA hooks and paddles  It helps to put them in water to soak as soon as you take them off the machine, otherwise stuff can harden and they're harder to clean.  But they have held up well for 30 years.

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Thanks for all of your replies, folks.

I'm looking at those aftermarket attachments now.