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Oil Sprayer Advice

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Oil Sprayer Advice

I searched and read all the posts about oil sprayers,  Most are old or very old and only most suggest the "Misto" sprayer.

They may have been better a few years ago.  The two I am returning splatters anything thicker than water.

So what is an pure amateur dabbling in this hobby cause I have a good mixer suppose to use?


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I have these sprayers purchased from Breadtopia. I have been very satisfied with their performance. There is a slight dribble occasionally, but they do not clog like the Misto (and I had them, too).

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I have purchased various oil misters and got rid of them for this reason. Then I read that the solution was to add a little grain alcohol. In fact, this is an ingredient listed on the PAM Olive Oil spray bottle "for uniform spray". So, when empty, I refilled this bottle with olive oil and a little bit of Japanese sake as that's all I had. Working great for me.

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Interesting.  I stopped using oil sprayers for the same reasons.  Now I'm going to investigate adding ethanol to see if it helps.  Thanks!