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This is a recipe in Hamelman's Bread (3rd Ed.).  It was a straight forward bake and had a very nice sour apple aroma during the bake.  Haven't had a chance to slice it yet, but will have some in the morning for breakfast.  Recipe calls for Medium Rye, but says that Whole Rye can be substituted.  I proofed this seem side down for the natural score look.

Makes one loaf...

Total Formula
270g   Whole Rye Flour (fresh milled) (60%)
180g   Bread Flour (40%)
338g   Water (75%)
8.1g    Salt (1.8%)
4.5g    ADY (1%) (Optional)
45g    Flaxseed (10%)

Sourdough Pre-Ferment (40% PFF)
180g   Whole Rye Flour
144g   Water (80% hydration)
18g     Mature sourdough culture (10% inoculation)

Flaxseed Soaker
45g    Flaxseed
90g    Water (Boiling)

Final Dough
90g    Whole Rye Flour
180g  Bread Flour
104g  Water
8.1g   Salt
4.5g   ADY

1)   Combine ingredients for sourdough and ferment for 12-16 hours at 70 deg F
2)   Combine ingredients for soaker at the same time as pre-ferment.  Let come to room temperature.
3)   Dissolve ADY in Final Dough water
4)   Combine all ingredients and mix until flours just wetted.  Let rest 10-15 minutes.  DDT = 80 deg F
5)   Two sets of bowl kneading to develop some gluten.  10 minute rests between sets.
6)   Bulk ferment at 80 deg F for 40-50 minutes
7)   Shape into round or oval
8)   Final proof at 80 deg F for 40 minutes
9)   Pre-heat oven to 460 deg F; bake with steam at 450 deg F (10 minutes); 425 deg F (10 minutes); vent oven; 400 deg F (25 minutes)



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Very nice looking loaf. I have marked the recipe in my book to try soon after looking at yours. Are you able to post a picture of the crumb once it's cooled? I want to try this bread due to it's 60% whole-rye flour, as previously I liked 40% whole rye but didn't at 80% three stage rye. I think I'd like the flaxseeds nicer than the typical caraway seeds.

I see you didn't score the loaf. I may try docking the dough.




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Thanks Gavin!  I will definitely get a crumb shot in the morning.  Plan on having this one with breakfast.

Yes, whenever I've been doing seam down, I've been shaping using Danni's method into a round, and then my last step is to give it a little roll to stretch it out a bit and then give it 2-3 spins to help seal it and add some "character" to the seam.

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Really nice mix of a sour rye and nutty aroma

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Looks fabulous. I'm definitely going to bake this soon.

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That’s a great looking loaf Troy and the crumb looks perfect for 60% whole rye.  It seems that you are preferring the natural organic opening of the crust rather than scoring now.  This sounds like a good rye recipe with enough flavor from the flax seeds to make it interesting.


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Thank you Benny.  The bread does have a nice flavor.

I’m mixing the natural score in more and more now and am starting to get comfortable with it.  For my first few, the seam wasn’t tight enough and they opened up like a bread bowl.  Using Danni’s folding method and then giving it a little roll to make it oblong seems to be working.