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Diastatic malt

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Diastatic malt

Diastatic malt


To make it at home you sprout wheat or barley seeds until the germ is as long as the seed itself; then dry and grind them.

I wonder if the same procedure can be used with sprouted seeds one can buy at supermarkets.

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In theory, you could purchase barley sprouts, dry and mill them. I do not see barley sprouts around here. And, you want to dry and mill soon after they sprout. The folks that watch their barley sprouts that closely, are folks making malt.

I have made my own malt, but I find it easier to just buy at the local health foods store. 

Also, you may find that grain mixes containing rye, spelt, or barley, do not need malt. And, some sourdough cultures are not fussy about malt.

That said, I put malt in all the grain mixes that I grind.