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Martadella says hello

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Martadella says hello

Hello everyone. I'm a homebaker in search of a non facebook place to exchange bread baking ideas, failures and successes. I've been baking for some time, mostly rye and mostly naturally fermented. I developed a style of intuitive bread baking that I really like and it saves me time and nerves (for example when a scale dies suddenly and I don't have any spare batteries) Looking forward to posting my various rye and whole wheat brick shaped experiments :)

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Hello Martadella,

This is so far from facebook you can't even get there from here. 

I look forward to learning about intuitive bread baking. I'm a measurement nerd with very little intuition.


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Hi Gary! Thanks for the nice welcome. Starting a Belarusian rye today :)

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:P I've an account just to play PokemonGo!

Looking forward to your ideas and "brick-shaped" goodies! :D

- Christi

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Hi Christi!

Starting a new brick today! 


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Hi, Martadella. I'm new here too. There's so much to learn!

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The Roadside Pi...


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Welcome to TFL Martadella I look forward to your posts about your bakes.  We each have a blog on TFL that is yours to use to post all your bake and I hope you use it.  It’s great to learn from each other’s baking.


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Hi, Benny!

The blog thing sounds good, I'll make sure to check it out 

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Our Crumb

…good timing!  

There’s a Rye Community Bake currently in progress. No rules, no judging, no expectations, just sharing. Intuitive processes welcome!


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That's great. I'm just starting one of my favorite rye breads!

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Welcome! I love this site because there is none of the "baggage" that I have found on other forums. And I'm not on FB—never have, never will.