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I would like to add 1/4 cup or so of walnuts to my 1 pound baked wheat bread recipe The ingredient amounts do not include walnuts.  How do I modify the directions (liquids, time to bake)?

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Break them up into smaller pieces and add them to the dough. Develop the gluten without the walnuts then fold them in and gently knead till they are fully incorporated. Everything else stays the same.'s picture

Thank you.  I love the science of breadmaking as much at the bread itself.

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Best way, and easiest, is to think of it like so - does it add any water, does it use any water? Outside of that, no real concerns. And since no is the answer in both cases. Throw them in and proceed as usual - see what happens and go from there. Enjoy! 

Oops forgot, throw them in a pan and kind toast them a little - just until they get fragrant - better taste.