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Ankarsrum Original 6230 Mixer

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Ankarsrum Original 6230 Mixer

Good afternoon Fellow Bakers,

I have been reading the Fresh Loaf for years to learn the art of bread baking. At one point, I was so passionate that I decided to start baking for a farmer's market. Then life and circumstances changed, so I was never able to start my adventure with home baking. But I bought quite a bit of supply to start my small baking business. 

Now I am looking to sell some of it, because I do not foresee in the near future that I would be able to use them.

I have an Ankarsrum 6230 Mixer, purchased in 2020 December with 7 years warranty (verified that it is transferable). If anybody is interested in buying it, please message me and I get back with details and pictures. I also have a large quantity of various sizes and shapes of paper bread bags with window. I am located in Upstate NY, near Albany.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am looking forward to connecting with some people!