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kitchen aid stand up mixer wobbling with bread dough

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kitchen aid stand up mixer wobbling with bread dough


I am new here as well as to baking. Also, English is my second language so forgive my mistakes!

I got into bread making and I eventually invested in a kitchen aid stand-up mixer (classic). I made sure the head was at the right height using the dime method I found on youtube. I also check the pin that holds the head to the main body. Despite that, when I make a tough dense daugh (bread, let's say), by the time it strings to the hook, the head of the mixer starts jumping up and down. I am concerned this will eventually damage the mixer and I keep slowly raising the head using the screw underneath but that would affect the mixing when I am using the paddle or the whisk, wouldn't it? I have run out of tutorials to watch online. Is it supposed to have different settings of head height depending on the attachment? 



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Lock the head while kneading.