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Low carb, energy giving bread made in a bread machine!

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Low carb, energy giving bread made in a bread machine!

Recipes welcome!

We even tried one with black strap molasses! 

Was a bit strong, flavour wise!

Reducing the bsm of course did not feed the yeast enough.

Tried adding stevia sweet leaf.

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Carbs are energy.

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They are talking about "keto" bread, where most of the calories come from fats and protein.

See their previous posts for recipes with heavy cream, butter, eggs, VWG, oat flour, psyllium,  and whey protein powder.

But yeah, keto bread is a thing.

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diabetics are far more healthy on a low carb diet

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nobody intereted, i guess that is partly why diabetics have difficulty keeping healthy

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Not that we aren't interested nor that we don't care but as people who can eat carbs and don't need to follow, or necessarily believe in, keto diets we can't comment. 

Now if this was a diabetic forum on how to bake low carb breads then that would be a different matter. I'm sorry you couldn't find your answer. Perhaps there are other websites more suited to low carb baking.