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Counter top ovens

Good morning everyone.  I am looking to upgrade an older (but functional) Oster non-convection oven.  The thermostat is off by about 50 degrees, but I compensate for that with an oven thermometer and a probe thermometer.  The timer is limited to 60 minutes and is analog (rotate).

I see countertop oven listed as top of the line for $500-$600 but I don't believe that is necessary (unless I am wrong on that issue).  I feel a convection oven will give better results, greater convenience, and shorter cooking times.  

Does any oven stand out for the value (benefits high, cost low-to-moderate)? There are literally hundreds to choose from.  When I look at Amazon ratings the negatives always stand out (one star) so it's hard to know what is the best for the money.  

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Sourdough Pete (not verified)

I would suggest the Oster French Door oven WITHOUT the air fryer option. I have had mine for nearly five years now with no problems.




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We got it 3 yrs ago for our kitchen renovation . set it up in the basement and then moved it to kitchen. Has a rotisserie that works great! We use it all the time . Was $99 at Walmart. Has convection and broil and regular and has a setting for continuous as well as timed .

great price still and very solid excellent quality

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The Taurus Horizon 30 is worth considering - scroll through this thread for a brief discussion: