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Bread texture is Condensed

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Bread texture is Condensed

Hi All,

This is my first post.

Im a amateur baker & recently purchased 'Breville Bread maker'.

So far I've baked twice and the outcome has not been good.

Both the times the bread has come out like a cake density.

I dont see any bubbles in the bread.

Can any one suggest what might be the problem?

Im attaching the recipe used along with photos of the the outcome.

Recipe: Basic raisin fruit loaf bread

Machine used: Breville the Custom Loaf Pro BBM800

Settings: Basic, light crust option

bread loaf weight: 750gm

Ingredients added in following order

Water: 270ml

oil - 1.5tbsp

Salt- 1tsp

Brown Sugar - 1.5tbsp

Wheat flour - 450gm/3cups

Bread Improver - 0.5tsp

Milk Powder - 1.5 tbsp

Ground Mixed Spice - 3tsp (Did not add this)

Dry Yeast - 1.5 tsp








Thanks in advance.

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Increase water little by little till you get desired result. More kneading wouldn't hurt anything. Enjoy!

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Machine runs all kneading cycles. Thanks.

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Is it really 15 tbsp sugar and 15 tbsp oil? That's almost a full cup-more cake level than bread.


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So 1.5 tablespoons of both butter/oil and sugar!

Note: It specifies Tandanco Yeast which is a brand sold in Australia and New Zealand. Can't see it being any special kind of yeast but the brand claims to be a strong yeast of highest quality ingredients and quick action. Even though it doesn't look any different to any other IDY why should Breville recommend this brand? 

Found the section on Yeast:

Also it gets quite specific about paddle used too. 

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Thats my Bad :(. Corrected it. Thanks.

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Welcome to TFL!

This is an international forum. So for help, we need to know where you are located, so someone can recommend a good flour.

It all depends on what flour you used. "Wheat flour" is not precise enough.

What exact brand, and what exact type, and what exact name of flour did you use?

Please provide a link to the flour's product page if at all possible.

We would also need to know what this "Bread Improver" is. What are the ingredients listed on the package? Can you please provide a link to the product page?

If you are in India, or Bangladesh, it will be very difficult to find good loaf-bread flour. I'm afraid even "bread improver" might not save it. It could help, but it doesn't always.


One needs a recipe that is customized for the local flour. I assume this recipe, that came with the machine, might be intended for North American (US/Canada) wheat, or good european wheat.   I am afraid bread improver might not be good enough to transform flour that is typical of South Asia (if that is where you are) into good bread flour.

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Tandaco Yeast (see above). This is a brand found in Australia and New Zealand. 

EDIT: Found the section explaining yeast and have attached that too. 

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Great detective work!

Let's see what flour the poster used, and hopefully the AU/NZ contingent will weigh in.

Well, at least the machine/recipe is from AU/NZ.  Our new baker friend could still be anywhere.

Based on the color, it doesn't look to me like the poster used "white bread flour."


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Some of the mystery solved at least. 

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Thanks for so many replies guys :).

My bad with measurements with Sugar, Oil. I've corrected it in original post

Im located in U.S. 

I used 2 so far on 2 different occasions.



I have the Breville recipe booklet. However, I followed a Youtube video ( as I just started.

Yeast used - 

FLEISCHMANN’S®Active Dry Yeast

Bread Improver

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I thought that loaf looked like atta.

The whole wheat atta flour may be the cause of your troubles. It's great for flatbreads but trickier for loaf breads.

You might need to add vital wheat gluten, or reduce the portion of atta in the recipe and use bread flour.

You can search for "atta" here on TFL

I only use it for pancakes or as a small % as a flavour enhancer

I'm not sure if that dough conditioner would help with atta flour. 

I don't think using pancake mix will work either. You need flour designed for bread, with stretchy gluten to capture yeast CO2. Cakes are the opposite... fine crumb.

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If there are any references I would love to look into them.

Also, Im looking to stay away from refined stuff so any suggestions on Healthy options would be good.

Almost all the Breville recipes listed 'bread Improver' so would be interesting to know what experiences other Breville users might have had.

Anyway, really appreciate your inputs. Thank you.

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Recipes for bread machines are fine tuned. They should really be followed as closely as possible. Of course it is possible to design your own recipe but there'll be some trial and error involved. It's not like making bread by hand which you can adjust as need be. Here is a wholegrain recipe which is similar...

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Ilya Flyamer

I've never used a bread machine, but I always thought you needed Instant Dry Yeast (aka Rapid Rise, Bread machine yeast), not active dry yeast. ADY generally should be activated in liquid first, and then added to the flour, not as the last ingredient. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in.

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I was going to say depends... because I remembered that bread machines have quick bread and slow bread settings and whole wheat is usually slower. 

If the poster is using a quick bread white setting for a whole wheat atta flour, it seems like more problems. The yeast issue could be compounded there.

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I did not use quick setting.

Selected 'Sweet' settings which Im guess is normal mode.

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Wow there is another type of Yeast :(.

Recipe mentioned 'Tandaco Yeast' It didnt mention ADY, IDY. And as per recipe yeast is to be added last. So as per what you've mentioned it seems I used wrong Yeast i.e. ADY and should have used IDY instead.

Im going to try next and see if that works.

FLEISCHMANN’S®RapidRise® Instant Yeast
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Your choices of flour in the two attempts are the key to the texture.  As someone else said, bread machine recipes are calibrated for specific ingredients/ratios.  Switching from a (white) flour to a whole wheat flour or a flour/protein powder blend (the KodiakCakes stuff) is a pretty big substitution.  Whole wheat flour absorbs more water than refined white flour, so if you really want to adapt the posted recipe for WW, then add additional water as a start.  Try adding 50% more water and see if the texture changes to your liking.

But do remember that whole wheat flour is full of bran, and the sharp bran particles act like little knives, cutting through the gluten strands that trap your desired air bubbles.  It takes time and patience to get lofty, whole wheat bread---things just won't work according to the bread machine's preset schedule.  You might try an extended rise (if your bread machine is programmable).

Finally, you should try to make the recipe as printed using white flour.  You don't know if the results, even with white flour, produce a texture you like.

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Thank you so much for the inputs.

I was thinking it was Yeast I used that was causing issue.

On my next try Im going to increase the water percentage as you mentioned and see the results.

Will keep the post updated as I experiment.