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Hobart A200 Rebuild

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Hobart A200 Rebuild

I'm tearing down my wife's A200 and cleaning up the transmission box so I can replace the grease.  It has never worked in 2nd gear and I was hoping to find the reason why but the transmission looks fine.  Any suggestions why 2nd gear is not working?




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there are several good clips on you tube

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What type of grease to put in gear box?  Hobart grease is about 250.00 (ouch).  Is there something else I can use?

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Hi I am looking for a beater drive shaft part number Q17354 for my crypto peerless EC30 mixer if anyone can help or if you have one that is not in use any more.

Kind regards


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Sorry to see no responses to your post,

I think I can answer some of your questions.

I have the same problem on a AE200 with the 2nd gear not working.  All I have read suggest it may be either, the nut on the bottom connecting the planetary unit to the case is too tight, or the gear selector gear has been inserted upside down on the selector shaft.

With respect to grease Hobart recommends  Texaco Multifak FM2 which is expensive and needs a Kg in the gearbox/transmission and 50gm in the planetary.  Molyslip make a food grade NlGI 2 grease called arvina that is quite a lot cheaper and has a similar specification to the Multifak.  Molyslip tech department recommended that the old grease is completely removed to avoid contamination.  This needs washing of the bearings and gears.

I have stripped my uit down and started stripping the paint which is rusted/chipped......when in a cloud of dust I thought "this machine is at lest 50 years old and may have lead in the paint".  So I am now searching for info on that

I will order a swab to check for lead and make some progress again next week I hope.

Tell us more o your journey please.

Best wishes,