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Naan sangak and my quest for chewy flatbreads

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Naan sangak and my quest for chewy flatbreads

I love chewy flatbreads. I used to think that nothing could beat hot fresh tandoori naan, but then I found naan sangat at the Persian grocery store and was instantly enlightened. It's soft and slightly pillowy, yet very chewy (you really have to pull to tear off a chunk). The crumb is glossy and gelatinized, so it's doesn't break when you bend it like a pita would.  Here's a pic below. Sorry about the missing end piece...  I devoured a bunch before stopping to take a pic. 

Anyway, does anyone have a recipe for naan sangat or other chewy flatbread? 

I know it it impossible to get the same end product at home because it's made on a bed of hot pebbles, but I feel I should still be able to get produce a nice chewy flatbread on a pizza stone. Sadly, I've not even found success baking a chewy tandoori (without the tandoor) naan. Recipes online are all over the place (enriched vs. unenriched, sourdough vs. yeast, whole wheat vs. white flour, high vs. low hydration), so I'm completely lost.

Any advice on achieving the elusive chewyness  in naan sangaat or trandoori naan would be much appreciated!


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Mini Oven

to do the opposite to aquire a fluffy easy tear bread.  In other words...high protein flour, water, fast mixing, no dough softeners like dairy or fats and underferment or overferment the dough. 

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the following post will give you some ideas💡 on how to make flat bread at home, even though the baker was not making the same type of bread that you are interested in: