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Smallish deck ovens

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Rob Lamb

Smallish deck ovens

My baking business is in a growth conundrum and I could use advice on how to expand. We are a start-up gluten free bread bakery located in Vermont and currently operating out of our home in a 250 sq ft space. We have been using a blodget convection oven and globe mixer to bake 15 750-1000 gram boules at a time. Without the steam we've been covering each individual bread with an oven safe ceramic bowl on top of a rack size pizza stone. This has been fine to get started but it's inefficient and our customers are all demanding more bread than we can make. We'd like to upgrade to a deck oven and a bigger mixer that can allow us to bake 3-4 times as much bread per bake. All of the deck ovens I've been looking at are just too big for our current space and require 3 phase electric. Our current electric is 1 phase and 50 amps. Perhaps it's completley unrealistic to upgrade to a deck oven that can do the production we need in the space we're in and without a significant electrical upgrade, but if anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated. 

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Hello Rob,    Happy May!    Just saw your post.   did you ever purchase a smaller deck oven?   Happy Baking!