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Commercial Grade Oven for cottage Bakery

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Commercial Grade Oven for cottage Bakery


I am in a household of bakers where we have recently renovated a room into a functional bakery and got our cottage license. We live in Maine and have a fairly active farm-stand we sell out of.

We started off with a rofco B40, but it is no longer a part of our bakery. We are looking for something similar or better!

All recommendations are welcomed!

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No one responded, so I offer the suggestion of checking out the Bread Bakers Guild of America (BBGA).  Although the organization emphasizes commercial bakers, there is also plenty of information for serious home bakers (known on that site as SHB, of which I am one).  If you do a search there, you will likely find some information that is helpful in your quest for an appropriate oven.

Happy baking, and good luck with your enterprise.