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Trick to get the most out of your home oven

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Trick to get the most out of your home oven

Upon discovering that my Kenmore Elite oven waits until it's >50 degrees off of set temp before reheating, I came up with this method that I believe will benefit all those using home ovens:

I preheat the oven for at least a good 30min and always have some extra mass in there to help hold the heat; at least a tray with lava rocks in it (that I will pour boiling water into when I put the bread in) and sometimes I'll add a pizza stone too.

When I put the bread in, I'll turn the oven OFF for a split second and then immediately turn it back on.  This will put the oven back in pre-heat mode where it'll keep pumping heat into that oven until it hits the set temp, which will keep it cranking for a good long while with a fresh cold loaf in there.  Works a treat!

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Good tip. I do similar with my quirky GE oven:

  • I check the temperature and restart the preheat by turning it off and back on...usually a few minutes before putting the bread in so it's near the right temp, right as the bread goes in.
  • I also pre-heat 15-25 degrees higher than specified so when the temperature falls when the door is open, it ends up being about the right temp

When putting things in, or when checking on cooking, I frequently turn the oven off and on to see check the actual temp (at least according to the oven...which matches an independent thermometer pretty well).

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Good ideas.  Thermal mass is important in baking for even temperature and heat transfer into the product.