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Hobart N50 Mixer damaged in transit

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Paul Kenny

Hobart N50 Mixer damaged in transit

Hello -

I had my grandmothers N50 Hobart shipped to me and in transit it must have fallen out of the bottom of the box and landed on the switch plate.  I removed the switch plate and straightened it out and replaced it but it is still not engaging.  I believe the cam plate may have been bent in as well.

I am mechanically inclined so I don't have too many issues with repairs.  Before I remove the cam plate I wanted to know if the shifter is spring loaded or if the plate will come out causing other issues with springs etc. making the issue worse.

Also what is the grease that is used in these models as a lubricant.  I would like to repack it.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Warm regards,


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A quick google search -

See page 3 for a switch diagram.


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This is a ridiculously expensive mixer to have to recieve damaged!! Send it back!!!!

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Ryzin Doh

There are exploded diagrams of the N50 on Hobart's website that may give you the info you need.  There are also youtube videos that show disassembling and rebuilding these machines.