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Beef and Potato Pithivier

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Beef and Potato Pithivier

Just baked a Paul Holliday Beef and Potato Pithivier for the first time. Used store bought puff pastry. Making it was a breeze. Flavor was excellent.

Thought others might be interested, especially near the holidays.

Don’t let the cut offs go to waste… They are especially great with a morning cup of coffee.

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Looks delicious Danny. I didn't initially notice you mention it but I thought yours looked like puff pastry rather than the shortcrust as described in the recipe.

Either way, I want me a slice!


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Well done Dan, it looks very hearty and perfect for this time of year.


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According to wikipedia, pithiviers are made with puff pastry.

By using shortcrust, PH made what you could call a full-circle pasty.

I like the looks of Dan's better. That top is browned to perfection. Mmmmm.

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Even though the pie looks complicated and requiring great skill, it wasn’t very difficult at all. The flavor is good, but the combination of textures between the filling and the crust is stellar!

The store bought puff pastry greatly simplified the bake. I know it’s cheating, just don’t mention it to your guest :)

I think next time it will be best to refrigerate the finished pie and then apply the egg glaze and score after that. Scoring wasn’t difficult, but colder dough should make to process easier and hopefully keep the center hole more uniform.

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These look great and certainly worth a try.  There’s something about the buttery goodness of puff pastry that makes just about anything you pair with them taste amazing.  One of the trade shows I used to exhibit at over 25 years ago used to have a Bavarian Pastry food kiosk that had the most amazing meat pies.  It something I will never forget as they were that good.  Similar to what you’ve made but in a handheld pie.

Happy holidays.


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Chilling the pie before scoring is helpful. It seems chilling before scoring also helped to form a more presentable hole in the center.

I made this one for my sister for Thanksgiving.