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My Hobart A200 rebuild

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Andrew Bernhardt

My Hobart A200 rebuild

I'm virtually finished with my latest project: restoring a 1956-ish Hobart A200 20 qt classic mixer. It worked, but was in sorry shape. There was oil leaking into the bowl (not good!). So I took it completely apart, cleaned and degreased it inside and out, stripped the old paint, replaced the worn parts (power cable, bearings and oil seals, agitator shaft, etc.), painted it a nice candy-apple red, and put it all back together. It's the first time I've done anything like this. If I knew better, I would have put it together first and then painted it, but all the same it looks pretty good for a beginner paint job. I still need to finish sanding/polishing the bowl and attachments and then put on one or two more clear coats over the paint. It'll then be ready to make pizza dough.

Mixer before to start making pizza dough!

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Awesome. Love to see repairs and refurbishings. Thanks for restoring this and sharing your accomplishment... reducing waste in the world is a big deal. Maybe you'll inspire someone else!

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Amazing job, I have one, will watch the video and maybe I'm up for the task ( :

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Love the paint job, it looks great.  

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I’m also in the process of restoring an A200 and would love to know your paint process and why you thought reassembly first was better than painting separately before reassembly?

I’ve just disassembled mine and scraped off the chunks of old grease. About to degrease with soap/water or simple green. Everything looks good just need to get a set of shims for the bowl lift gibs as they were pretty far gone. did you notice sort of rubber inserts in some of the holes on the bowl support? Where the gibs screw in a few of my holes appear to have sort rubber bits. Maybe for keeping grease in? They aren’t removeable and therefore don’t think they’re separately replaceable either. You?

anyway look forward to your reply!


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I had also rebuilt an A-200 Hobart back in 2011. My mixer was from 1985, but was in a fire in 1988. I salvaged it that year and took it apart. It then sat in my garage for over 22 years until I repaired it. I certainly like your color. Is it powder coated or canned spray paint? Very nice indeed! Mine was painted "Safety" Red from Rust-oleum.