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Substituting cranberries for walnuts in Forkish recipe

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Paul T

Substituting cranberries for walnuts in Forkish recipe

So made the Forkish Walnut Levain bread which produces two loaves but now want to substitute cranberries for the walnuts. The recipe calls for 225g of walnuts. What about the cranberry amount and is there anything I need to do to the cranberries before adding them to the final mix. The image posted is of the walnut levain. Not bad but would like to try cranberries or something else. 



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Hi Paul,

You'd have to adjust your water amount downward to accommodate for the water weight of the cranberries to maintain the given hydration.

I did a quick search and it looks like dried cranberries contain about 15% of their weight in water and fresh are about 87% of their weight in water.

Dried Cranberries: 225g * 15% = 33.75g water weight

Fresh Cranberries: 225g * 87%= 195.75g water weight

I also looked at a couple of raisin bread recipes and they just add the raisins into the dough without treatment such as soaking, etc.

Good Luck



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FYI I've seen recipes (eg hot cross buns) where the fruit is folded into the dough during shaping and before proofing vs. added in at the start.