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Maple Butter Buckwheat Loaf

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Maple Butter Buckwheat Loaf

It's been a busy summer and haven't had time to post much.  Have still been baking though.  Have tried a number of different breads, but I keep coming back to my stand-by.  Buckwheat and oat.  

I've done numerous variants, but this is one of my favorites.  I think the maple and toasted buckwheat make a nice combination.

This recipe uses only yeast water but could also be done with a poolish using ADY.  Each variant I make follows the same basic method.  Because this dough spreads so easily, I score it with long diagonals leaving a large strap intact to hold the sides together. 

Crumb shot tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great summer and look forward to reading your posts as summer winds down and I get some time to post again!

EDIT: Crumb added…



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Beautiful bakes Troy, nice to see you back and still baking!  It sounds like you have worked out a method and recipe that you love!


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Thanks Benny!  Experimented quite a bit throughout the summer and made some breads that I liked.  I always come back to this though.  :-)

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Good to see you back, Troy. And that you were able to keep baking over the summer. I haven't been posting much either. I found my favorite whole wheat sandwich bread groove and have been making that pretty often. Do check out the babka community bake when you get a chance, it might inspire you for something new. 😉