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Couche recommendations please

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Couche recommendations please

Looking for some collective wisdom from this site after ordering a couche online that turned out to be quite flimsy cloth that won't hold up anything (and which will be returned).  I'd like to branch out into the baguette realm and know this is an important part of kit.  Hoping to get some good ideas here!  Thank you in advance!  

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DanAyo couche

Benito couche

alfanso couche


They had some advice/experience the past 2 years or so. I seem to remember some links to Amazon or wherever they bought the ones they liked.


Especially during the baguette Community Bake.  Probably can find it in the "best of" PDF that alfanso compiled.

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Thanks so much for the input!  I totally forgot to just utilize the search function on this site...thank you!

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Flax Linen Baker’s Couche

Now in 2 sizes –
Standard – 24″ x 36″ (suitable for most home bakers) or
Large – 28″ x 36″

Professional grade flax linen baker’s couche for supporting proofing bread dough, especially baguettes. Placing dough between couche folds help shape the dough and prevents the dough from proofing into each other. It also wicks away a little of the dough’s outer moisture to help develop a skin, help hold the final shape and develop a crisp crust.

Dust with white and/or rice flour to prevent dough from sticking.

  • Made of 100% natural flax linen.
  • Untreated & unbleached.
  • Choice of 24 x 36 Inches or 28 x 36 inches
  • Finished seam on all four edges to prevent fraying
  • Green or red pin stripes near one edge
  • Imported from France
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Thank you!  The feedback on particular products is much appreciated!  I will check this out on the Breadtopia site.

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I have one from the San Francisco Baking Institute that's pretty nice. They come in 3 widths and are reasonably priced.

Linen canvas (couche) Archives - San Francisco Baking Institute (

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Thanks for the feedback!  I will check the link out.  It's nice to know the products that have been recommended have been vetted and given a thumbs up.  Much appreciated!

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Leigh, are you in the US, if so this is what I got, although at much greater expense in Canada.  It is also really well priced at the moment for only $18.95 from $29.95.  It comes with a lame albeit not a great one since you cannot switch out the blade.  The couche is really well made, heavy FLAX linen, unlike my first couche which was sold as such but was just cotton.  You definitely need a flax linen couche.


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Thanks Benny!  Yes, I'm here in the US.  I will check out the link.  However, after looking at all these products everyone so kindly referenced, I'm starting to wonder if what I ordered wouldn't work--it looks a lot like what is in the photos, but it is hard to evaluate the weight of the material just by a picture.  What I ordered is 100% natural flax and the weave is very tight.  I think I was just expecting something heavier weight, along the lines of thin canvas.  Since I don't have any experience with these, I don't have anything to compare to.  I'll provide a link to what I ordered.  If you get a chance, let me know what you think:  Linen Couche

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That looks like flax linen to me so hopefully it works out well for you.

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Try this:

I bought a few yards about 30 years ago to make couches and it is still working hard for me.  It might actually be less expensive today than it was then.  It is fairly tight but drapes beautifully.  Shake it out, scrape any dough off. Hand wash it only if I screw up and am forced to - then I let dry and iron from the back with a steam iron.  I much prefer it to cotton, though I do use a light weight linen material to cover rising dough (with a Nylofume bag on top).