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Danish Dough Whisk

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Danish Dough Whisk

Hi there

If I get a danish dough whisk does it mean I never have to stick my hand into bowl to do the initial mixing ever again?  

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Mini Oven



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And you have to scrub very carefully to keep it clean. 

Other than that it mixes very well.


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Ilya Flyamer

Almost! Especially for wet doughs, it's awesome to not get it all stuck on your hands. Just mixing with a whisk and leaving for 15-30 min to let gluten start to form really helps: until I switched to using a mixer recently, that was my go-to approach.

With drier doughs you still might have to give it a bit of manual kneading to incorporate all the flour, but those are much less sticky anyway.

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I love mine. I hardly ever have to use my hand to mix sticky doughs. I got the Jillmon stainless steel one. Easy to clean. 

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I never use it. It's a personal preference thing, I guess.  I find it helpful to get my hands into the dough while mixing, so I can get a feel for whether or not it needs more water. Recently I have started using a mixer, but still get my hands into the dough for a moment or two (after mixing is done) before starting autolyse or bulk.

Paying postage to Canada from Arizona probably isn't worth it, but if you want it, it's yours. 


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Thanks for your input everyone!