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My name is Simon and I am conducting a research on the Online Baking Forums. I like baking myself but never really dived in on it. 

I want to create a Research Paper that analyzes how this community works, how everyone communicates, what are basic things that each recipe or post must contain. 

I would like to interview some people so if you like baking and are interested let me know and we could exchange emails to do these interviews. 

Thank you very much for your help and don't hesitate to answer to this post with ideas or thoughts on the project. 


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Hi Simon! And welcome to TFL !

A few background questions, if I may.

This is an international forum.  What country are you currently in?  And where were you raised/educated, if it was a different location than where you are now?

What is your primary language, ie, what was your first language? (What was spoken at home, and what was spoken at schools?)

What is the purpose of your research paper? Where/how do you plan to publish it?

Are you still in school?   What is your current, or desired, field of employment?


(I am a retired IT worker. Living/born/raised in the US. Primary/first language is English. Semi-fluent in Spanish. I am familiar with some US, Mexican, Central American, South American, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, African, Chinese, Korean, and Indian cuisines.)

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Hey! I currently live also in US and have lived here for some years now. I am currently a freshman in college and doing this research paper for my English class.

The purpose of my research is to identify how people interact in this forum, specifically, how the posts are structured. I want to identify the repeating factors that can be seen in each recipe and post, and also find out if there are things that should also be included. I don't plan on publishing the paper for now, but it is a very interesting subject to work on.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and hope you maybe would like to participate in an interview for this project!


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We had a post-grad student from South Africa ask a similar question last year. User name KeilidhC. The end result of her work was a very good read. Here is a link to her post. 

Hello and invitation to participate in research | The Fresh Loaf

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I just read the post and find it very interesting to know that someone had a similar idea to mine in the past hahaha. 

I am gonna try to read more about it and it will maybe give me some more ideas for my project. 

Thank you for your help!