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Ordered bulk wheat - wheat seed gall nematode

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Ordered bulk wheat - wheat seed gall nematode


I recently ordered bulk grains for my new mill. They are organic so there is bound to be some sort of issue (knowing my luck!) as they are direct from farmer basically, after some modern machine level processing.

There are about 5+ "galls" in every 1/4 cup I've milled so far. They are super tiny, hard, pitch black kernels which replace the normal grains when infected by these wheat seed gall nematodes.

Does anyone have experience with this? That is, are they safe to mill and eat, should I scour every 1/4 cup I mill to remove them, or should I dump the whole 25lbs due to potential issues?


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For small seed lots, where this technology is not available, brine (10%) flotation is more efficient than hand sieving.



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How would I then mill the flour after flotation? I have to bake it? I think for now since I rarely use more than 100g I can just pick them out by hand.

I've already eaten from the batch so I presume the rest of the wheat is not harmful...

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After flotation in salted water (25 g salt per cup of water) rinse wheat in clean water, pat with towel and dry it.

No baking, air dry it. You can use a hair dryer if it is only a hundred gram of wheat. If it is a larger amount, a larger household fan could be used. It will dry in minutes and be ready for milling.