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How Y'all doin'?

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Red Neck Bread Dude

How Y'all doin'?

Red Neck Bread Dude here.

I'm glad I found this place!

My first Bread Machine was the old Artoo clear dome model.

Best bread ever! I still like to make fresh bread but the old bod has broken down to the point that if there is no joint pain, I am probably dead.

Anyway, I am looking forward to being a part of a community and I hope I can be of some use.


BTW, I am nearly seventy years old and Arthur Itis and all of his kinfolk have moved in, so if you need help moving or something, I AIN'T the one to call!

Just sayin'

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Looking forward to seeing your breads! 🥖🥐🍞


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Arthur Itis - took me a minute! Good to have a sense of humor! Welcome to the Forum!

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You made me laugh!  We are in the process of moving but I guess we won't be asking you for help.  Not sure if I have met Arthur Itis but I sure have a bunch of pains and cramps.  Man, those cramps are a killer.  Just taking a break from the moving process and reading the Fresh Loaf Forum.  Can't cook right now and sure missing some fresh baked bread.  Glad you found this place.  I hope you are enjoying it.  I sure do.