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more bread for bakehouse museum

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more bread for bakehouse museum

AS a follow up to the Horse shoe rolls project for a small bakehouse museum

Yesterday I sprayed half the Horse Shoe rolls with the cheap hair laquor to seal them after drying them out and they look pretty good. Later in the day i got a message from Nick Agostino to say that he was working at Maddington as his baker had phoned in sick with reactions to his covid injection, so if i wanted to bake those loaves then Now might be a good time!I was off like a brides nightie and managed to negotiate the traffic around the Cannington market and arrive at my destination in Maddington, Nick buzzed me in through the security gate and i parked the car and found my way into the very impressive factory unit situated in the industrial area.Nick and his 2nd year apprentice Roy were hard at work as was the spiral mixer doing its thing Nick gave me a tour of the place and i found it to be quite impressive quite a few new toys. Nick asked if i wanted to make a dough to my own recipe or i was welcomed to make the loaves from the production run. I opted for the later, so the jacket was removed and it was time to get those hands working, Nick commented that seeing the handing up was great as it seems to be a skill that is disappearing with modern bakers. i did enjoy myself and made 6 loaves that reflected the types of bread that were common to the Millers bakehouse era. I did have a bit of a challenge with the Turkish bread dough which @ 80% hydration was a wee bit sticky the rolls were a lot harder than the larger loaves but we got through that, Nick said the Ciabata @ 90% was fun too but i missed out on that as it was still in its 5 hour bulk fermentation phase. Before to long the 5 hours had sped by and i bid the guys farewell and took my loaves home with me so a big thank you to Nick Agostino and Il Panino bakery im sure the Melville historical society will be pleased    View insights0 post reach  Like   Comment  


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I've seen that bread online before...



It helps to have a cute model with a cheeky attitude to make the bread more memorable.