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Tip - Nutella can be made Easily Spreadable

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Tip - Nutella can be made Easily Spreadable

Ever since I began making Chocolate Babka there has been a problem getting the Nutella thin enough to easily spread on the raw bread dough before rolling up.

Google has a number of methods that claim to work and I’ve tried a bunch of them.

The simple solution to thin Nutella is to slowly add very small amounts of water to the chocolate spread. This technique will make the mixture as thin as you desire. It will also maintain this viscosity for an extended length of time if the product is kept sealed.

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I used to warm Nutella with a lil bit of butter. I must try this! Thanks Dan ☺️

- Christi

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If you want to put honey in a loaf,   heating it up works a treat, but watch out dont burn yourself.