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My favourite colour ‘Blue’

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My favourite colour ‘Blue’

And I baked a blue or bluish sourdough bread.. with butterfly pea flower and blue berry. 
I have a potted butterfly pea flower plant on my balcony that I harvest daily. Some days there were 10 and others maybe 4 or 5. I cold dry it in the fridge by wrapping with a paper kitchen towel. So once a month I get to make a blue bread! 

it’s a basic sourdough dough bread at 75% hydration. A combination of flour and seeds. Overnight proofing in the fridge. Baked in a Dutch oven.

hope you like blue bread as much as I

😜 happy baking 





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Lovely colour Evon, my one try at butterfly pea flower wasn’t great, but in hindsight it was underproofed.  I have a pile of the dried flowers so I should give it a go again sometime.  Yours looks wonderful.


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Great to see a post from you!  Your crumb looks fantastic and I love that blue color.

Happy baking!


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Hello Ian ..glad to be back. It’s a trendy holy crumb nowadays. 

happy baking