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Emile Henry Loaf Pan - Constantly sticks

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Emile Henry Loaf Pan - Constantly sticks


I've made at least 6+ loaves in this pan and I cannot for the life of me get my bread to not stick. I've done mostly white bread, whole wheat bread, mixed grain bread, raisin bread... Everything I do ends up sticking to the pan. I've tried oiling the pan, I've tried flouring the pan...

I have baked anywhere from 350-425F. The only solution so far is the obvious: a criss cross of parchment paper. But the only video from EH with this bread pan shows a floured pan with no sticking whatsoever. I'm very close to returning it.

Am I severely overlooking something? Their directions say only 1-2 bakes require oil to make it nonstick, there are no other directions or even recipes. I've used an average of 350g flour and it's rated for 680g.

Thank you


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I have that pan as well.

Have you tried "non-stick" spays, such as PAM, and home made  pan release solutions?

There is "better than PAM" pan coating made from fat and flour, it works very well:

And there is flourless pan coating made from lecithin and oil or shortening. Professional bakers tend to use it. Blend one cup oil with half cul liquid lecithin. Apply very thin layer with brush.

The quickest solution if you don't want to use PAM spray or homemade pan coatings is low fat margarine. When you buy some make sure that it must be very low in fat, something like half-fat margarine or even lower in fat content. For example 20% fat margarine: Proactiv ultra light. Low fat margarine is low in fat and high in lecithin, it works very well, makes pan virtually non-stick. Industrial strength pan coatings used in bread factories have the same content: 75% water, 20% oil, 5-7% liquid lecithin.


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I bake breads almost 100 percent in loaf pans and what works for me is the following.  I cut a piece of parchment paper and put in the bottom.  Then I "grease" the sides of the pan with Crisco.  Following the bake I go around the outsides of the pan with a table knife and the loaf pops right out on to my cooling rack.  I know some folks consider Criso a mortal sin but it works for me.  At my age I take all of the mortal sinning I can get.