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Panecillos Integrales

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Panecillos Integrales

I chanced upon this recipe for wholemeal rolls on Abel Sierra's wordpress blog. I liked the look of them and thought I would give them a try.

Sadly, Abel's blog no longer exists, but it can still be accessed via The Wayback Machine.

Here is a screenshot with my English translation of the ingredient list:

I decided to do a classic English 4hr sponge:


440g BF 13%

389g H2O

3.1g diastatic malt flour

2.65g IDY

DT 26C


While this was fermenting I Mockmilled 350g Millers Choice heritage wheat grain and sifted at #30. I scalded the bran with 142g boiling water.

I made the main dough as follows:




WW pass through

90BF 11%

18g sugar

45g butter

48g liquid whole milk

DT 26C


Mixed in the Kenwood to windowpane

BF 75mins with S&F at 45mins

Scaled at 90g

FP 30mins

Potato starch wash tops for seeds/oats

Baked 10mins with steam, 10mins vented.

I think these turned out pretty well - nice soft crumb and good flavour from the Millers Choice grain. I find some of the heritage grains, eg Red Lammas, too "branny".







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The rolls look great Lance, great job with them.  They look like they have a lovely crumb, great job with the seeds too.


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Nice job. They look inviting. I bet they are soft and tender; yummy. Thanks for sharing your formula and process, something to consider for a future bake.



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Thank you Benny & Gavin. I certainly recommend the potato or corn starch wash as the best way to get seeds or flakes to stick to a dough.