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oven size baking sheets for SxS

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oven size baking sheets for SxS

the sheets we have are good, but I can't place 2 SxS on the middle rack.

any suggestions on a source/maker?
I'd prefer non non-stick, but I'd suffer the non-stick if need be.

the oven interior is 16" D x 23" W

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deduct a couple of inches off both dimensions to allow for good airflow.

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Given a 16 x 23" interior...

For air/heat circulation, subtract 1" to leave room on the left, and 1" on the right, 1" on the back, and 1" on the front.

That leaves 14" x 21" to work with.  

Divide by 2 and you get 14" x 10.5".  Two pans of 14x10.5" will fit on the rack.

Then see:

to get a feel for what's available.  What they call "1/4", or "quarter sheet" is closest.

Check Amazon:

So, from that Amazon search, maybe something like:

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thanks .  good sources.