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Tip - bread pan/tin sizing

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Tip - bread pan/tin sizing

I have a secret hack for determining what size a (lidless) bread tin is, regardless of what is says on the label (which can be highly variable between same-size tins!).

Weigh the water required to brim the tin.

That water weight *in Kg* is the size of the loaf tin’s uncooked dough weight *in pounds*, assuming you like to let it rise an inch or so above the tin. Don’t ask me why this is true but it seems to work.

Depending on rise and spring your mileage may vary.

I’d be interested to hear from others whether this rule is dodgy folklore, local to my kitchen, or whether we have some kind of universal golden ratio voodoo going on here 😂

Check it out on your fave tin and let us know!

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Ilya Flyamer

That makes sense. 1 pound is just under 1/2 kg. If you expect your dough to double, that seems about right.

But it'll depend on the recipe, just FYI: with strong bread flour you can let it grow in size more than with all whole wheat,f or example.